Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunday Night, October 4th: The Date Selection

Ok so I took 5 minutes and wrote down everyone I knew in Gainesville. This process made me realize that  really don't have many friends here at all and that I didn't want to invite about 80% of that list over. I knew I needed a more interesting method of choosing the dates anyway so I started to write down categories in which the date needed to be chosen from. I also had two friends write down people they knew that I didn't. One of the friends wrote down made up people and said they would play the part of that person if chosen. I like this idea of getting people to play characters, it adds another layer.

I made a calendar of dates (I'll post it later) and I need to have 4 this week. I have a critique on Thursday so I don't know if I can have one before that but I should have one Tuesday night. I'm planning on going to restaurants tomorrow, Monday, morning before my class at 12:50.

This is a lot to undertake and I may lower the number from 15 but we'll see. Let's do this.

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