Thursday, October 15, 2015

Project 2 restrictions update

Adopt various professional roles;

I have become a paleontologist, animal behavioralist, and scientist, and will become an educator

Go for expeditions, surveys, investigations:

I have visited the FL Museum of Natural History, the Ornithology Department at Dickinson Museum, and will be recording/photography my birds and others pets birds behaviors

Create participations between subject and environment:

This will vary from food/toys/ environments the birds are placed in (NO animals will be harmed)

Create "small assignments" for yourself along the way:

Goals/tasks as exemplified on the calendar--like due dates. Example: meeting with people for certain tasks to be completed like other bird owners

Work with other people from different disciplines:

Working with printmaker Bob Mueller--learning about soft ground techniques, and Eddiel Dominguez  in ceramics--using sodium silicate to create cracks on ceramic surface.

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