Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Project 2 | Artist Statement

Project 2
Artist Statement


This installation combines meticulously crafted hybrid flowers arranged in specifically patterned rows on a raised white board, as composer, John Cage's In a Landscape plays. The artist presents a serene, almost dreamlike, manipulated landscape in order for viewers to engage and notice the details of the new species upon close examination, and create an sensory experience with sight, scent, sound, and touch. The piece highlights multiple layers of the concept of hybridity, with the nature of connecting, coming together, communicating, and collaborating. Attention is called upon to our current connection with nature and as the flowers are brought together, the viewers are coaxed to engage and have a meditative and intimate experience, noticing the nuances in the presented landscape.

One should be aware of the parallels between John Cage's philosophy of sound, acknowledging the beauty of sound all around us and encouraging engagement with higher sensitivity to surroundings and of his works with prepared pianos, where he manipulates the instrument to create new sound. 

The artist has manipulated and crafted a new landscape that calls for the viewer to get close and carefully observe. She has presented the viewer with a manipulated landscape in order for them to engage intimately and notice and appreciate their nuances.

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