Monday, October 26, 2015

Project 2 | Development 2

Project 2 
Process & Ideation
Update 2

My intent was to explore the engagement of two entities and detail the benefit of collaboration and hybridity. I wanted to explore areas where two became one and showcase various instances where I have experienced or facilitated my experiences of the interaction. I want to revel in occurrences where two come together, as far as relationships, communication, and collaboration of disciplines in various art forms.

At first I wanted to limit my discussions about food and flavor, but you can't count on that and it wouldn't be natural to not have the conversations go off onto different topics. I wanted to display the beauty of coming together and connections like a chef would pair flavors and present them on a dish, but to my benefit, the conversations I was having with people covered many areas. I found the engagement to be fruitful.

With my initial interest in plants and the genetics behind hybrid plants, I knew that I wanted to go on walks and start collecting. I began taking photos of cracks in the sidewalk where plants were emerging, flowering trees, wild and manicured, and I continued my OCD habits of plucking leaves of my interest off of bushes and looked at their detail as I walked. I even started walking home instead of catching the bus to immerse myself in the landscape of my locale. My first interest was to become a botanist and create hybrid plants. However, I wanted to reference diving into ones research and become mad with it.

I also pondered about the serenity of walking and researched the art and philosophies behind the walk. I read accounts from Henry David Thoreau's works and others who speak of walking.

My process so far has been talking with people, walking and observing my surroundings, picking plants, buying plants, researching the plants, and pairing cut flowers at the buds with super glue. They were becoming new species. I was the creator of new flowering species.

As I worked through some of the initial ideas of collaboration and hybridity, I wanted to become more engaged with the piece. I felt it was in a state that I was not as connected to as I intended and I set out with a craving for more substance and more me in the work. I kept trying to think about how I could create pieces that were a representation of the interactions and dialogues I had with people in the community.

Update 3

After our class discussion about chance and the Ouilipo Group, I rethought my current approaches. I knew that it would be more successful to set stricter constraints to myself and become a lot more focused with what I was doing. 

I stressed that everything I spoke of was too vague, (hybridity, collaboration, beauty), and also had multiple considerations for what the final piece could be. After agreement, I also wanted to incorporate more of a statement and a metaphor as accompaniment.

My process next was creating a mind map of connections I made to my concept and examples of where I saw it. I first thought of pairings in food and flavor and considered only talking to chefs, that was ruled out. I then thought of artist collaborations, of musicians and hybridity in genres or projects, I pondered on the musical aspect. I was also trying to figure out if I should engage with other on my walks. I was setting up walks with friends and I only did one when I realized that it was not appropriate. I knew that the piece didn't involve me presenting my documented talks with people nor did it really make sense for my to limit the collaboration to certain topics.

I continued to get flowers, glue them together, and watch them die.

Immersing myself in landscapes around Gainesville.

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