Friday, October 2, 2015

Project #2 Constraints

I didn't see an assignment created for this on canvas so I thought I'd share this here.


I want to create harmonious pairings. Of flavor, of dialogue, and of stories. I set out to discover what can be created based off of conversation and collaboration. For this piece, my focus is on the process and interest in plants, food, conversations over food and coffee, and exploring nature. I want to take on the role of a botanist, and take it even farther to the imaginative world of alchemy, while also engaging my love of cooking and creating. For this project, I would like to have conversations with people. I want to learn about their history, their likes, their favorite flavors, and their view on food and the environment. I want to create a piece based off of the information I gather that focuses on edibles plants and cuisines, while also maintaining the identity of those I speak with. Though seemingly vague, I have an idea of my final sculptural piece that represents the duality between my senses and history and those I speak to's tastes and memories. It may be in something edible or just a visual, but I want to represent the beauty of two locals coming together through a love of plants and food to create duality in something intimate. I have somewhat of an idea to work with plants and flavor pairings and possibly make hybrid plants or dishes based off of each interaction I make.


Adopt various professional roles –  I will be a researcher, an explorer, an adventurer, a botanist, an alchemist, a gardener, and a chef.  I will learn about plants, discover flavors, create concoctions, try to grow a garden, and experiment as much as I can.

Go for expeditions – I want to engage with the locals. I want to travel to various sites in nature that I have not been to. I’d like to go to the springs, the prairie, and various neighborhoods, restaurants, and garden shops, to talk to people about their history and also pick and forage plants and edibles in the locale.

(Create unrealistic expectations for yourself) – Since I’m focused on exploration, discovery, and the process of this project, I’m not sure what the final outcome or sculptural piece will be yet, but since I am focusing on plants and the coming together of people and tastes, I may aim to try and create ‘hybrid plants’ based on the joining of flavor profiles and tastes of the community members I meet and speak with.

Create participation between subject and environment – I will immerse myself in the environment, whether it be with other people or with the surrounding flora. I’d like to interact with plants around me and partake in various dialogues amongst locals.

Use different kinds of senses to obtain knowledge – With a focus on flavor and plants, I will taste as many edibles as I safely can. I will smell my surrounding environments, I will touch every plant I can, and I will actively glance around me on my strolls around town. 

Work with people from different disciplines – I plan to talk to chefs, agriculturalists, baristas, astrophysicists, botanists, and anyone that would like to chat about food, plants, the environment, or even themselves.

I will photograph, document, and collect as many stories, plants, and collaborative memories as I can. I plan to have a lot.

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