Monday, October 26, 2015

Project 2 | Development 4

Project 2
Process & Ideation
Update 6

I suddenly knew what was happening. I had removed myself from the collaboration and have studied two entities and have forced them to connect.


Talk about how I got to talking about music and arrangement and that I wanted an element of chance in the mix after obsessing over creating a system of pairing. That is also when I became mad. Yes, the role of the botanist turned me into a mad scientist and surgeon creating these new species and researching brought to obsessing.

The final solution to compare it to the arrangement of a piece and realizing that the manipulation that I was doing was indicative of John Cage's works. Led me to research about him. 

Then options of following the piece through emotions, allowing the class to do it, and to include any surgeon tools I need to use. Talk about failures with resin and the jars. Nervous break down. 

Talking to people and collaborating really helped in the end. I had a crazy way of discovering how I work best and what makes me freak out. I think way too much. I had a stronger concept when I simplified it for myself. Took out the medical tools, though I did talk to a medical student about how a genetics lab works.

Update 7

Final solution for piece, why the choices are successful (the prepared piano is manipulated, I want to take elements out of nature, alter them, and put them back to have the audience walk around these specimens,  arrangement is like a piece of music, the music is meditative like the surgical and methodical nature of the process, the title is called In A Landscape, and I choose to make arbitrary decision based off of what landscape I am currently in. Importantly, what I essentially am doing is going back to my original idea and I am choosing to learn about isolation and defying that by collaborating with John Cage by the end of this.


Re-state constraints (add the element of chance with arbitrary decisions).


Important things to mention with regards to intent and concept.

Artist wishes to connect its audience to the manipulated landscape that she has created for them.
The artist is the facilitator of hybridity, the creator of new species, and the designer of a new landscape. More important than the the aspect of the new beings as specimens is the idea that one can

I am creating a manipulated landscape as I want to audience to engage with the landscape as I did on my walks and explorations. I want them to notice something scientific and unnatural about the way they are arranged, calling upon the presentation of specimens.

The music by John Cage that accompanies the experience is creating with manipulation and chance and is very meditative to respond to the meticulous process of pairing two flower halves together.

In A Landscape present an altered landscape that forces one to connect and communicate with it.

It is truly about subject and environment and just as I have created these new species, I have facilitated the flowers connecting, and the viewers to connect with this landscape.


I also call to attention our current connection with our environment. Primarily about connecting, communicating, creating a dialogue (between the flowers to the ground, the ground to the floor and surrounding gallery, and the music to the scene). This is how I respond to the music/hybrid.


Final ideas on how to present

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