Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Project 2: Art Process Work--5 Constraints with Updates

Project idea is to build a "Human Bird Shop of Horrors." This idea derived from unfinished project one of caging the human form.

1.      Work in the world.
·        This is relative from the human and their "cage"
2.      Create unrealistic ambitions for yourself.
·        I want to create a "Bird Shop of Horrors"
3.      Create participation's between subject and environment.
·        Relative to audience and the shop.
4.      Create "small assignments" for yourself along the way.
·        I have a "to do" list and a calendar to keep me on point and when to have assignments completed
5.      Work with people from different disciplines.
·        I want to recruit 10-20 people
6.      Photograph, document, collects.
·        I have a designated sketchbook, screen shots, as well as models and photographs

Note: On top of blogs, I am keeping a Process Sketchbook updated by the date with photos, notes, and information.

After talking to Juan Griego, I was recommended that maybe I should expand the cage idea; the cage idea is too literal (cages are more like a metaphor). The cage is initially a trapping which then becomes a study of what is caged and ultimately becomes a form of domination of the creature inside. So, after some research I began to connect ideas with birds to dinosaurs and from dinosaurs to museums and museums to zoos. I got inspiration to instead of making a literal bird shop, making it more like a zoo. I have begun research on elephant exhibits and their cages are an architectural landscape. Future development will continue.

I have researched the process of Architecture Designing.
Phase 1: Schematic Design.
Phase 2: Design Development
Phase 3: Construction Documents
Phase 4: Bidding
Phase 5: Construction Administration
This project will not be passing phase 2. Phase 3 will be replaced with a scaled model replica.

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