Sunday, October 4, 2015

15 Intimate Dates- Project #2

1. Create Severe Constrains for yourself

Over the course of 2 weeks, October 5-October 25, you must host 15 intimate dinner dates with 15 different people for a minimum of 1 hour. The furniture and food at the date must have been free and about to be thrown out at a local food establishment in Gainesville, FL. These dates will take place in the back house of 1416 NW 10th Ave. 

2.  Create Ground Rules for your project based on arbitrary decisions and random choices.

Choosing the 15 People and Restaurants 
1. 5 uninterrupted minutes, write down every person that comes into your head in Gainesville, FL. 
2. Place each individual name in a hat or bucket or something of the sort
3. Breath for 15 seconds and then choose 15 names. 
You must reach out to those 15 people first. If they say no, you may choose from the hat again

 Update 10/4/15 7:13 PM
After doing this I realized that the people don’t interest me that much and I don’t have many friends here. Also, a lot of people I wrote down I don’t want to invite over. Because of this, I’ve decided to make it more interesting and add in other things to the jar, such as-
Adding some people more than once
People at Vine
People in certain classes

What You’ll be doing at the Dinner
For each dinner, you will have a series of clear mason jars with topics of conversation and goals of the dinner. Your guest will pick 2 for their specific dinner. 
At the end of the date, your guest will leave feedback in the guest book and will will contribute to the next dinner by placing their own ideas for conversation and goal for the  dinner into the jars.

3. Create Unrealistic Ambitions for yourself

You must have 15 dinners with 15 different people in 3 weeks.
You must build a new set of furniture for 15 different dinners for 3 weeks.
You must get 15 different food establishments in Gainesville to give you their food waste.

4. Create small assignments for yourself along the way.
 1. List out your first 15 food establishments (see Rule #2 for directions)
2. Reach putto them.
3. List out your first 15 people (see Rule #2 for directions)
4. Reach out to them.
5. Schedule first week of people and restaurants.
6. Make conversations choosers.

5. Create Participation between subject and environment.

Completetely transform the back house each time a new guest has a dinner. Let them contribute their mark to it.

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