Monday, October 26, 2015

Project 2 | Development 3

Project 2
Process & Ideations
Update 4

Each day I continue to obsess over how to tie my piece together as a final project and what to do with the information I was obtaining. I am also glueing flowers and watching them wilt.

This piece has gone through various iterations and considerations. I was at a point where I needed to talk through how I was going to pull it all together based on all of my thoughts and alter initial thoughts I had regarding the concept of coming together. I also had the most beneficial realization over the past week as I collected plants to study, glued flower hybrids, and thought and thought. I had this euphoric epitome moment in which I realized this process did not involve the collaboration of others at all, despite my appreciation for some outstanding dialogue. This process truly became self-reflective, introverted, and meticulous. The process of choosing the plants, or why as the mad scientist I wanted to create these hybrid new species, didn't involve other.

I was finally on a good path where my research and process led me to this. I was appreciating the art of the process and how many iterations of ideas I went through. Now I just had to think deeply about why I wanted to create these hybrid new species.

I decided the hybrid species weren't enough and that's when I obsessively thought about what else I wanted to say and how I would arrange the final piece. Some of the ideas that stemmed from the conversations and brainstorming sessions I had were:

   Bouquet references still lives and Art History
   Grid with a classification or Linnaeus System references genetics.
   Music staff, what song, what album. Create a song?
   Alchemic or magical preparations and flower symbolism.
   Lineage and family ties.

I wasn't trying to say that. I wanted to be genuine and to simplify my overthinking. I resorted back to my original thoughts of being the creator of new species and to be the facilitator of hybridity.

Update 5

As I pondered on what it meant to create these new species, I knew that my main objectives were not to be political or be overly about genetics. I wanted to assume new professional roles, but I did set out to remark on creating and the idea of 'Things Coming Together To Make Something New,' as eloquent as that may be. There is an appropriateness to revel in hybridity and the aspects of collaboration and unity, also commenting on the communication and the intimacy between those who are coming together. I also wanted to comment on our connection with landscapes and not appreciating its inherent naturalness.

I was on to something, I just had to keep thinking. 


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