Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Developments in Process

New Criteria...again:
Work with others from different disciplines: Neighbors, (micro community), musicians, anyone willing to make small art doodles, paintings, drawings..etc.
Participations between subject and environment: encouraging the act of making art with neighbors and others within my environment.
Small assignments: preparing various small bits of material for others to make art on, collect as many small artworks from others as possible, these artworks will then make up a larger collaged image that is also going to be collaboratively constructed. Because I enjoy the act of making art with others, as well as doing nice things for others, the collaboratively constructed art piece will be a gift, and backdrop, for my neighbors band at the end of the project. A communal art piece that speaks to the nature of friendship, community, and collaboration.
Expeditions, surveys, investigations: In order to get enough artworks to construct the larger collage, I will be bringing my art making/supply kit along with me (everywhere) to neighbors homes, krishna lunch, work, and other outings where I may be able to get people interested in briefly utilizing the creative part of their brains together with others.
Use different kinds of senses to obtain knowledge: Music, art, and community as mediums of healing.
photograph, document, collect


A rough sketch of what the final larger collage piece will look like.

Painting with neighbors on my front porch.

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