Monday, October 19, 2015

The Art of The Process

       I'm noticing that people are very reluctant to make art, and especially around others. That there always seems to be a stigma of whether their work will be 'good' or 'bad.' I say, "compared to what?" The natural tendency for wanting to feel accepted is a deterrent from the process of making art; as opposed to viewing art for its ability to open your mind, to explore your thoughts in new ways, to play with the physics and chemistry behind mixing pigments and solvents, to expand local consciousness, to express yourself, to just have fun completing a lighthearted task, or heavyhearted if thats what it becomes for you. Art speaks so loudly through the nature of the process. The product is only just a work in progress anyway...just trying to capture a moment in time...but time keeps moving, and so must art.
       This realization has made me even more excited about spreading the creative outlet to the masses. Why shouldn't you make art? And don't tell me it's because you can't. I believe that there is art in everything, so then, saying that 'anyone can make art' is the same as 'anyone can make.' We all know that anyone can make. A baby makes a poop, a mechanic makes a motor, a clean freak makes a tidy atmosphere, a cook makes a meal, a doctor makes a person well, a cat makes a meow. All of these products are reflective of the maker. Whether 'good' or 'bad' is not the issue. The endeavor itself speaks. This, in my opinion, is all art. Because the process of having a vision and seeing it through, no matter whether it turns out the way you intended or not, is art. It definitely won't always turn out how you intended. And, with practice, the process is able to get you that much closer to the original vision each time you set out to make. But art is always there, it just depends on the way you choose to view what's around you, what's inside you, or what's not. Art isn't about judgment. Its not about right or wrong. Art spreads ideas, introduces the new, the different. It is surprising. It is the inter-workings of the mind unveiled through a process that the person who is making sets up all on their own; and most of the time, without even realizing. It is a medium to which you speak in very subtle ways and, in turn, it speaks back just as softly; but don't think that it doesn't have the ability to get loud. Art is binary with nature. It is powerful; art teaches, art heals, art understands, and most importantly, art has the astounding ability to covalently bring people together in sharing wonderful experiences. Art is life.
       It is for these reasons that people should have no fear in sitting down with others to look through their creative windows together. And maybe also this will encourage the imagination whilst alone. There is beauty in the bigger picture of art, no matter how the smaller marks reflect what is 'beautiful' for anyone around to see it. And furthermore, just because you don't 'like' it, doesn't mean its not beautiful. Your process is your own. No one else has to understand, but art already does.

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