Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Project 3 reflection

Mercedes Ortiz
Project 3
The Craftsman

I call this piece Turpiggin, and honestly I was really worried about doing and starting this piece. From where the initial idea was going and how it turned out is dramatically different. Originally I was going to depict a story about this creature who had the ability to regenerate these ready to eat meat parts. What it became was a visual representation of how crude the meat production and consumption can be. I have to say that I am really proud of this piece, from the execution to the final product and to the displaying of the piece. This is my absolute favorite piece that I have made for this class, because I was able to produce what I really wanted to and it was successful on many levels. Plus for this critique I got a lot of wonderful feedback on this piece.
              The feedback that I received hit a bunch of levels. I love the idea that one person said they feel the need to kneel to these creatures, almost like they were Gods or something to be worshipped. Due to the way I stylized the mark making there was a sense of primordial artist. I also got the comparison that this banner had a remanence of medieval banner like those of the renaissance. I was told that maybe as a possible installation piece would be a Renaissance festival next to a turkey leg stand. I could help but feel a sudden urge to find a Renaissance festival and ask to install it right away.
 The way I treated the rope and braided the ends together it gave a more refined and looked like one continuous piece of rope. I felt that the piece needed to have a sense of symmetry. When I only attached the banner from the corners I felt that the front fell forward so I added the grommet in the center as well, thus adding one on the bottom to keep the symmetry. One important thing that I would like to change would be to use either rope, cloth, or even add wear to the metal “new” grommets that I have on the piece right now.  People definitely and easily read meat industry and that grotesqueness of consumption. Tying with the readings I was playing with the idea of adaptation and sustainability. I wanted to draw attention to the disgusting amount of meat we eat and display that. The fact that people read that and then some made me very happy and felt successful.

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