Friday, December 11, 2015

Project 3 Reflection

Amanda Samuels
Project 3 Reflection

Whimsy Bloom

The creative process of this piece was a therapeutic and conscious one.  I achieved my goal of not creating any more waste or using any new materials.  I have now proved to myself that this is possible and intend to continue this method in my further work.  It felt liberating to detach from art I have made in the passed and give it new life.  The act of cutting up painted self portraits was symbolic in releasing parts of myself that no longer serve me.  The outcome of this piece and how it starts to create a space with an atmosphere and environment.  The feedback I received from my peers during critique was helpful in suggestions of how to move forward.  I plan to add to this installation, making more of these “plants” and making some larger ones that the viewer can explore and envelop in.  I plan to encompass entire spaces with this installation, adding more chimes activated through movement, and more trinkets and variation of scale.   

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