Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Project 3 | Reflection

Writing in from notebook later today.

Arrangement of the wax into a chainmail/feather/armor is strong. 

Powerful yet delicate.
Gradient highlights the concept.

I am proud to have done a piece more experimental in nature. I didn’t obsess over how I would display it this time, I simply did many trials and experiments with the wax medium and then thought it would be best  in the center of a space hung from the ceiling, rather than my initial thoughts about it being on the wall. I like where this idea of feathering the wax strips into armor is going and I would love to do many more versions of this in the future. The wax was challenging to work with as it kept drying so I worked quickly and I would do it very slowly to improve craft. I would like to create this on hand-dyed and then hand-waxed silk and make the feather/chainmail pattern more apparent. I’m pleased with the overall stature of the piece, it takes on an unearthly presence and is dramatic. It comes to life with how it is lit and captures the spirits of the concepts I explored. I would love to add resin to the wax mixture and would love to paint the wax over silk and hang the silk so that it flows more freely and becomes an ethereal being. I want more life created by this overwhelmingly tall piece, towering with grace and strength. I'd love to continue the process of painting wax and take even more time so that the aesthetic of the layered wax looks natural but still very in control and not messy in any areas. 

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