Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Painting Water Blue Video, Process, and Reflection

For this project, I created a happening. Facebook makes this pretty easy now (links to event page).
A couple friends and I went out to a creek and gathered garbage from about half a mile of it. We used that pollution to make a water channel. The water channel provided the power to 'paint the water blue' using blue clay from the creek banks.
I learned about the medium of happenings through this project. Allan Kapprow has an essay titled 'The Elimination of the Audience' that give advice as to how to make these happenings as life like as possible. A problem I had was trying to have too much control. I had an idea of what I wanted to happen, and even though we achieved it, I didn't handle the most interesting part properly: the interaction with life and people.
Flutist ideology on documentation also influenced me. Unfortunately, my understanding of fluxist ideas was shallow, and I sacrificed basic quality of presentation in the name of not trying to disguise the video as a piece of art. My remake of the video adds more information to the event and gives the viewer more time to take in what happened.

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