Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Project 3 | Ideation

Project 3


Idea 1

My first idea was about my concern with food waste and I wanted to create products that used composted or old food and turned them into reusable goods, like creating fruit leather and use sheets of that to create goods, but I couldn't think of how to further this idea at the moment.


Idea 2

I have been interested in working with wax castings and paper.

I was thinking a lot about using two materials together, one of which can be molded and is pliable, and one that has a set structure and shape. Their interaction is what interests me.

I have been thinking about death and ideas of the afterlife, and I wanted to create organic, ghost-like, and ephemeral structures that are very light, airy, and delicate. I'm not sure of what shapes I will use, but I was thinking about having them suspended to be spirits and energy.

I also want to disassociate the piece with material culture and create it out of recyclable materials, to further convey the themes of renewal and regeneration, and that are not very expensive. I may not be able to use wax for these reasons, but I have been and will be doing research on the implications of the used materials and what connotations are associated with each. 

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