Monday, November 2, 2015

Project 2 | Final Development & Photos

Project 2
Final Development

I painted the board white. The element of chance that I created was to only use flowers/plants sourced from one location each time I set this piece up. This time I was restricted to only what was offered at last week's downtown Farmer's Market. There, I had wonderful dialogues with farmers learning about what types of species these are, how to care for them (little do they know I was going to splice them), and just enjoyed the connection to these locals. It was part of the process and concept to engage with these people in research about the plants and it was like I was also collaborating with them, for they grew my medium.

I also wanted to follow the concept of engaging and having an appreciation for ones environment and I wanted to appreciate each landscape as a unique place. I created the constraints to only use flora from one landscape. This piece as a level of impermanence as the fresh plants die, and it also will look different each time I install it, because I have to work with whatever is available at the location I went to the day before.

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