Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Project 2 Documentation, and Process

       Theses are images of screen shots of my project 2 presentation. It was a PowerPoint presentation with video and audio with comparison of prehistoric Terror Birds and modern Parrots. I used found photos and educational videos on Terror Birds and home footage with educational video on parrots. The home made video of the parrots are one that I have taken of my bird and other people with with parrots. I am not sure how I can attach a PowerPoint to the Blogger, so these are some screen shots of the video.
Comparing skulls sizes
This is a explanation of Terror Bird feet and ankles
This is a parrot named Ramsey with owner Joshua Johnson exemplifying parrot legs
Egg Comparisons, with my Cockatiel's egg

This was the second project development--zoo of the artist

    All of my documentation and process of the project has been documented in a designated sketchbook for this project. My project went through a series of a few changes. My original project was a human bird cage store, then it changed to the artist in a zoo to their medium, to the terror bird parrot comparison. Here are a few photos of some pages in the sketchbook, in order from the process of the work. There are some pages that have photos you can flip and see under it, so there are quite a few things that are not visible. 
This was the first project idea--human bird cage pet shop
This is a photo of the new calendar and project sheet written after the talk with Erin.
This was a photo of Mario Muntis and his parrots (a species called Budgies)  with notes.

This is a photo of some of my personal research scanned for the project sketchbook, and the idea of modern Terror Bird comparisons.
After talking to  Erin, I decided to use the research I was already collecting out of personal interest and something I had more of a passion in for this project.

Sir Thomas Herbert 1634--inspiration to Cokatoo Intaglio Print

Mario Muntis and his Parakeets
Mario Munti and his Budgies

I posted the presentation to youtube:

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