Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hurra Torpedo

Hey guys,

this is the musical group I mentioned in class. Their name is Hurra Torpedo, and here are a few of their performances.


Aside from being pretty comical, I can't help but find the aggressive nature of their performances captivating. They're covering main steam, female-vocal, pop songs in a heavy Norwegian punk style: off key vocals, trashy percussion sounds, and dropped tuning guitars. Destroying big ticket household appliances to make their music only enhances their rejection of the mainstream ideals, hence they're almost covering the songs ironically.

There's also a strong highlight of the cost of making music, that is, the inevitable wear and tear on one's instrument, the monetary value of instruments, and the physical labor needed to generate music. Being that these big ticket appliances are being destroyed pretty heavily, it's easy for one to perceive their performances as costly in many senses of the word.

At the very least, the creation of music though intentional and aggressive ruination is an interesting paradox.

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